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Seneschal Khung


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Seneschal Khung

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Legends run among the pirates of the Storm Coast, legends talking about a monkey so clever he had his own ship ! Ok pirates can sometimes exaggerate, only because they may have a drinking problem. But the Senechal does exist and he is bloody smart. A long time ago, he used to be in a circus, juggling with knives and stuff. But his master was a violent one, beating him so bad that one day the Senechal found a gun and used it on that butcher. And the legend began. Running away for his life the monkey hoped on the Skulls Crusher by pure luck. The Kaptain was about to kick him out when the members of the circus arrived to capture him again. Bad idea. First, nobody gets on the ship without the Kaptain’s consentment and second, nobody drows a gun in front of the boys, without being ready for mayhem. And furthermore the Senechal jumped in the middle of the men of the circus and started firing like crazy, killing more men than the rest of the crew. The ship won his second monkey this day and the Storm Coast lost a circus...

Who doesn't love a monkey with guns?!

Our resin is formulated to allow for a high detail, a good elasticity and resistance to impact, and of course to be easily painted.

On top of that, our quality control, in which every piece goes through a triple supervision,ensures that each piece arrives free from

umpleasant displacements and with soft or imperceptible mold lines, and easy to prepare.

All our miniatures must be assembled and come unpainted. This is not a toy and it’s not recommended for children.


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Seneschal Khung

Seneschal Khung

Seneschal Khung

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