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Papa Jambo the Mighty Shaman


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Papa Jambo the Mighty Shaman

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Papa Jambo wasn’t always a witch doctor. He began as the real doctor of the crew and then things turned ugly. At first, it was really simple for him. It bleeds you burn. It’s opened you sew it back inside. It’s unbroke it with planks and nails. Then things started to be a little bit more complicated. Crew members started to get sick. No blood, no broken bones, only sick. So Jambo tried the famous blood magic, seemed easy at first glance. But the crew members got sicker and sicker and then some of them died because of his magic. So the Kaptain had an idea, using his magic against the other ships, and to Jambo’s greatest relief it worked amazingly. Now he does his voodoo mumbo jumbo on the other ships and enemies start dying without using gun powder, making Gorak really happy. The hat comes with the function of course...

The shaman Papa Jambo, the most selected miniature in the campaign!

This is a highly detailed piece, with so much room for interpretation!

Our resin is formulated to allow for a high detail, a good elasticity and resistance to impact, and of course to be easily painted.

On top of that, our quality control, in which every piece goes through a triple supervision,ensures that each piece arrives free from

umpleasant displacements and with soft or imperceptible mold lines, and easy to prepare.

All our miniatures must be assembled and come unpainted. This is not a toy and it’s not recommended for children.




One of finest miniature I've never seen. Bigchild become one my favorite brand now.

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Papa Jambo the Mighty Shaman

Papa Jambo the Mighty Shaman

Papa Jambo the Mighty Shaman

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