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Gugh Jin the Troll Cleaner


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Gugh Jin the Troll Cleaner

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In the past, the ship used to have goblins and snotlings to clean the deck. But that was before Gugh Jin. The troll seemed to love goblins and snacks, or cleaning mops. When the boys discovered him on the secluded Night Island, he was polishing the bones and helmets of the poor previous expedition crew. The armors were so clean that they almost shined in the night. Ok it took time to convince the troll to board the ship, time and a lot of beating and threatening but in the end he agreed to join the crew as the new cleaning manager. Sometimes one snotling disappears or one goblin runs franticly, screaming and cursing, but look how the ship is clean ! And it’s a good thing because blood is really sticking after the raids.

What a deal, originally intended to be just a single miniature, this kit was upgraded with two helpers to make this into a scene of its own!

Its not often you get interesting miniatures that play a daily duty type role. No weapons for these workers!

Our resin is formulated to allow for a high detail, a good elasticity and resistance to impact, and of course to be easily painted.

On top of that, our quality control, in which every piece goes through a triple supervision,ensures that each piece arrives free from

umpleasant displacements and with soft or imperceptible mold lines, and easy to prepare.

All our miniatures must be assembled and come unpainted. This is not a toy and it’s not recommended for children.


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Gugh Jin the Troll Cleaner

Gugh Jin the Troll Cleaner

Gugh Jin the Troll Cleaner

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