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Bocanegra the Little Tyrant


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Bocanegra the Little Tyrant

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234, 235, 236…Bocanegra was counting the gold coins under the cold light of the moon. The ship’s deck was quiet, everyone was sleeping, or snoring and the goblin had the heavy responsability of the treasure. He was the only one capable of using numbers, even Tumaruk didn’t how to count after 100 and now that the Black Sailors were a successful crew, someone has to estimate the wealth of the Kaptain.

Diamonds, rubis, emeralds…all of them were shinning on the bridge between his fingers. It was a blessing and a curse being the accountant of the Skull Crusher. The last one was a smart orc, raised by humans, but one day he had the stupid idea of keeping one gold coin for him, you know, just for having a drink by himself later on. Bad idea…Gorak found it and now the poor orc is feeding the shrimps. So Bocanegra counts, and counts, and counts again…sometimes he finds some time to sleep, sometimes…

Bocanegra may look like a simple miniature, but his commanding pose would look great in many scenes, or in combination with other miniatures.

Our resin is formulated to allow for a high detail, a good elasticity and resistance to impact, and of course to be easily painted.

On top of that, our quality control, in which every piece goes through a triple supervision,ensures that each piece arrives free from

umpleasant displacements and with soft or imperceptible mold lines, and easy to prepare.

All our miniatures must be assembled and come unpainted. This is not a toy and it’s not recommended for children.


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Bocanegra the Little Tyrant

Bocanegra the Little Tyrant

Bocanegra the Little Tyrant

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