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Honuk the Warden with Christmas Kit


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Honuk the Warden with Christmas Kit

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Honuk the Warden with Christmas Kit. This special kit contains the normal pieces of Honuk the Warden and some aditional pieces to convert the figure. This kit will be only available for the preorder period.

Beyond the Red Coast Reefs, after traveling North many days and leaving the Red Sands behind lays Kehena, an ancient land that humans and sea orcs try to avoid because of the horrible stories and numerous curses befalling this far away land. Not far from its norhtern coast lays a small village. Here, an ancient tribe dwells since time inmemorial, its traditions and secrets very seldom heard outside its domains. There is a story, whispered among sailors, that this is where the mighty Papa Jambo got some of his power, but it's only a rumor...or is it? As it so often happens, there might be some truth to the tales. An odd looking orc of primal and mystic appearance and claiming to serve dark powers, has been recently enquiring around Black Harbour about the Black Sailors and Papa Jambo. No one knows where he comes from or how he got here, and the strange orc, who calls himself Honuk, stalks the pirate docks with violent grace looking for his target...or his prey. Whatever it is, the Black Sailors might have unleashed something worse than themselves this time...

Our resin is formulated to allow for a high detail, a good elasticity and resistance to impact, and of course to be easily painted.

On top of that, our quality control, in which every piece goes through a triple supervision,ensures that each piece arrives free from

umpleasant displacements and with soft or imperceptible mold lines, and easy to prepare.

All our miniatures must be assembled and come unpainted. This is not a toy and it’s not recommended for children.


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Honuk the Warden with Christmas Kit

Honuk the Warden with Christmas Kit

Honuk the Warden with Christmas Kit

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